NOTE: Coaching is only available for 50 people this season BEACH 2019 WINTER 2018
är du redo att ta komma igång med din
kost- och träning & NÅ DINA MÅL?
Option 1
Customized nutrition-
& training program
(4 months program)
Option 2
Customized nutrition- 
& training program with coaching
$160 / month
$87 / month
(4 months program with coaching)
I only take on 50 people for the coaching program this season
If you're reading this right now, there are still spots open...
You should've seen me the summer of 2013.

I was 17 years old and had never set a foot in the gym.

The only thing I was doing was gaming, watching series and eating junk food.

I had gone up in weight so much that I even quit my only passion, dancing.

I had NO discipline.

3 years after I got my gym subscription I stood on a scale. The scale showed almost 100kg (220lbs)...

I was 20 years, 175cm (5´8") and almost 100kg (220lbs). The complete opposite of what I thought that three years of working out would lead to...

It was bad...

But do you know what changed my life?

My life changed because of ONE person who gave me ONE thing

That persons name was Taner and was the most ripped and athletic guy I had seen in real life...
"How Taner helped me see my abs for the first time and how I will help you"
Before I met Taner, I had worked out for 3 years without seeing any results. But, I'm happy that it happened. Because otherwise there wouldn't have been a transformation.
I'm happy it happened because it taught me one thing which helped me see my abs for the first time... 

Helped me start a fitness youtube channel with 200.000 subscribers... 

Helped hundreds of my followers to achieve their dream body
What was it that he taught me?
Taner gave me a nutrition plan and told me that nutrition controlled everything
"Why you're going to achieve your dream body with good nutrition specified for you"
Before I get into how good nutrition is going to allow you to CRUSH your goals, let me first explain what I mean by nutrition.
Nutrition is what you eat.

- It's the calories, the proteins, the carbs, the fats and everything that you stuff yourself during a day.

But honestly,

If you don't care about what you eat, it can be tough (and boring) to teach yourself what to eat.

After all, it's the workout, the gym, running, breaking a sweat which is the fun part.

But you know what?

So far, I've worked out for 5 years… I've done a transformation 4 times… I've tried all kinds of workout plans… I've had hundreds of clients…

You know what I realized?
"This is why nutrition is the most important part of your transformation"
The nutrition controls everything.

Have you tried going to the gym without results?
It's because of your nutrition.

Have you tried walks or running without seeing results?
It's because of your nutrition.

Have you tried calisthenics, home training or cross-fit and still not seen any results?
It's because of your nutrition.

My 3 months transformation when I lost 15kg (33lbs) and saw my abs for the first time? It was the diet that I changed.

My8 months transformation från 92kg (202lbs) to 77kg (169lbs)? – Nutrition.

All my clients? Skinny to muscle?  Fat to fit, guy or girl, regardless of age – everything was based on NUTRITION.

So, actually - it doesn't matter what workout program you use or what training method you use, how many days you workout a week... regardless if it's for...
Burning fat..
Building muscle ...
Gaining strength...
Gain/lose weight...
Get in shape...
Get abs...
If you want results, regardless of HOW you train, you need good nutrition.
Now you're probably thinking...
"But Rez... I don't know anything about nutrition. What does even calories mean. Plus, I don't have ANY discipline. I can't eat healthy. I've tried... Do I really have to change my nutrition?"
If that's how you feel, I know exactly how you feel...


I even worked out for three years without any results, it felt like a total waste of time. Even today, I can get out of shape, I don't always train regularly. I don't eat 100% healthy foods (not even when doing a transformation for myself or when writing a program for a client). It's also why I never claim to be a bodybuilder or fitness guru.

I just see myself as a guy who knows how to get in shape.

It's one of those things where if you know a little bit about it, it'll make a huge difference with your results in fitness.

When most people stop eating sugar, go on crazy diets, workout far too hard and spend too much time in the gym, you'll have a program where you don't need to do all that.

It's not some kind of secret that only I know 😂...

Most of people who've completed a transformation know...
"After receiving so many requests about this"
After getting so many request, increased in followers and just gotten overwhelmed trying to help as many people I can, I decided to make this into my job...
If you want to transform... get abs... burn fat, build muscle or just get in shape (regardless if you're a guy or girl), this is the way for you to skip 3 years of trail and error (if not more) to try to see which method YOU need to achieve your goals in fitness...
"Introducing customized nutrition & workouts - How I coach you to your dream physique"
For the first time, I'm selling nutrition and workout plans with coaching.
  • When: The program starts 48 hours after you've submitted the questionnaire
  • Who: You and me, Rez
  • Where: You'll have everything you need in your phone
  •  How: I customize a program for you, in your gym with foods you prefer to eat. 
I'm only going to coach 50 people. You'll discover everything I know, I will keep track of your results, update and re-new the program when needed and we will stay in touch during the whole period. I will do EVERYTHING I can so you can achieve your dream body.

You can either pay $1700-$9000 and study to become a personal trainer for 4 months and then create your own program or you can just hire me to make a program for you😂

It's knowledge and methods that I've used myself, that I've showed in my 28-episode transformation series the "Road to Six Pack" which has inspired hundreds of thousands. Knowledge which I have used to coach people all over the world. 

If you have seen my videos on YouTube you've probably seen my lifestyle and that I eat a little bit of what I want and don't over train in the gym whilst still achieving my goals.

After you've gone on my program you will look at your nutrition and training in a completely new way. You'll see food as fuel and training as the vehicle to achieve your new goals. You're literally going to transform into a new person.
"How you just need to follow the program I customize for you- Regardless of your goals and level"
You just want to get started...
Istället för att försöka lista ut vad du behöver, varför inte låta mig göra det åt dig?

It is a jungle of information out there. Do you want to take a straight path towards your goals? Do you NOT want fitness to take over your life? Do you want something that's just for you?

None of that happens by accident.

I customize a nutrition and workout plan to do everything above!

With that said, you don't have to read EVERYTHING about nutrition and training yourself.

You just need a program to follow with some relevant information to get you started and see results.
If you're someone who wants fitness to enhance your life, not take over your life...
Some people don't have time to workout 7x a week. You might have a certain job, school or other things going on.

It's not supposed to stop you from seeing results. One of my clients who've gotten AMAZING results just works out 3 times a week.

The best thing about a customized program is...

* No over training. No boring program. Nothing too advanced.

You decide how you want to train, how often, completely based on your level.

* No uncertainty. Du You don't have to worry about lacking structure in the gym or be uncertain about that it's not going to work. You just need to follow the program I've given you.

* You don't need any prior experience. Believe it or not. But you don't have to be a fitness freak to achieve amazing results. I do dancing, gaming, comedy and music. Not just fitness.

This can be your chance to do things in a completely new way.
For you who wants to continue eating your favorite foods, without forbidding yourself from eating certain foods... 
You're not supposed to give up the pleasures in life. If you're like me and love sushi, hamburgers, pizza and sugars,  then you're supposed to be able to eat that.

* No boring diet. No pre-determined meals. You decide.

I just give a frame work and you just eat anything you like within that frame work.

* No specific meal-timing. You don't have to worry about when you're supposed to eat. If you wake up late on day and miss your breakfast it won't affect the results. You just have to make sure that you achieve the goal before the end of the day.

* More freedom. You can go out and eat with your friends, allow for your favorite foods and avoid foods you don't like.

With that said, I don't of course always eat unhealthy. I use common sense and you will too. You'll feel better, get better energy and eat bigger portions if you eat healthy. What I preach is balance.
For you, who've workout out a while, are stuck and don't know how you should take the next step...
If you know anything about doing a transformation, you know that nutrition controls everything.

If you don't have a good nutrition plan customized for you... you don't get results. if you don't get results, all that time in the gym feels wasted.
If you want to be able to workout with your friends without having to rely on your personal trainer in the gym..
The program will make it easier for you.

You'll focus better when you know what you need to do.

With your customized program in your phone, you'll know exactly what exercises you need to do without have to hire a personal trainer for $80 an hour in your gym.
If you're someone who likes to train and not be "the person who's just there to talk", and actually be there to achieve results.
You want to know HOW to actually achieve results. Things that can take you years to figure out by yourself. If you ever even do it - there are some who don't (for example those who give up...)

With customized nutrition and workout plan, you'll skip years of trail and error.

Avoid wasting time and those beginner mistakes that people with too big egos always do because they want to do things on their own. Because I've already made those mistakes😂, so you can learn from me and you avoid doing them.
If you're someone who wants to increase every aspect of your life
You want discipline, you want motivation, you want to be driven by results.

Training is the best medicine you can get.

You'll be more confident, have more energy through your days, better focus on all the other things. When I lose my routines with the gym, everything collapses.
You receive a complete 4-months transformation program:
Customized training program & a lot more..
  • Customized: The program is customized for you and no one else. With the purpose of creating the most optimal workouts just for you to achieve your dream body.
  • Workout journal: You'll have your entire training program and be able to read it simply and easily through your phone. You'll be able to track your workouts, see your program and get more motivation.
  •    Six-pack-program:  A separate training program specifically to build abs (in the gym or at home).
  •  Cardio: You'll receive a cardio-program that will help you burn extra calories, increase your endurance, explosiveness and speed.
  •  Customized: The program is customized for you and no one else. With the purpose to make you gain or lose weight (depending on your goal) as fast and as healthy as possible. 
  • Eat your favorite foods and achieve the body of your dreams: You'll receive a frame and the tools to know exactly what you can eat and how much. 
  •  Grocery-list: You'll receive a list of foods and ingredients to help you know what you can eat for you to achieve the absolute best results.
  •  Weight calendar: You get a calendar to track your weight to keep track of your daily results and stay more motivated.
Option 1
Make a one-time payment and receive
a customized diet- & training program
Right now there are still some spots available for coaching!
You'll also receive this:
coaching, 24/7 support and updates 
of your customized diet and training program
  • Update each month: I will keep track of your progress. Every month we do check-ups to see your on the right track and make adjustments in both the diet and training program when needed to make the journey to your dream body as effective as possible.
  •  1-on-1 coaching: You can ask me anything at anytime during the program and expect a response within 24 hours! Remember: there's no such thing as a stupid question. I will do everything I can to help you achieve your goals and be there when you need my counseling.
  •  100% Results: Before you hire me as your coach you should be aware that you're going to track your calories and macros. This means that you'll need a food scale and a calorie counting app like "Lifesum". If this is a problem for you, you shouldn't hire me as a coach. I will give you the exact instructions for you to reach your goals and I expect you to follow them. This will make it easier for both of us and I'll be able to offer you better help which will guarantee you results.
    Option 2
    Pay monthly and get my coaching 
    together with your 4 months customized diet & training program
    $160 / month
    $87 / month for 4 months
    SKRÄDDARSYTT träningsprogram & mycket mer...
    •   Ditt program förnyas:  Jag kommer ha noggrann koll på dina framsteg. Varje månad stämmer vi av dina resultat och tillämpar justeringar i både kostschemat och träningsprogrammet när det behövs för att göra resan till din drömkropp så effektiv som möjligt.
    •  24/7 Support: Du kan fråga mig vad som helst och när som helst under programmets gång och förvänta dig ett svar inom 24 timmar! Kom ihåg: det finns inga dumma frågor. Jag kommer göra allt jag kan för att hjälpa dig att nå ditt mål och finnas där när du behöver ha min rådgivning.
    •  Förlängning: Om du har följt programmet enligt mina instruktioner ska du efter 4 månader vara den absolut bästa versionen av dig själv. Skulle du ha nya mål vid det läget och vill att jag skräddarsyr ett nytt kost- och träningsschema utifrån din nya kropp och dina nya mål så kommer du kunna göra det till ett rabatterat pris.
    I only take on 50 people for the coaching program from February to June.
    If you're reading this right now, there are still spots open...
    You're doing the hard work, not me...
    To customize a program doesn't take too long now that I've had 5 years of experience, 4 transformations and a ton of clients.

    The hard part is, to actually do it. To go to the gym regularly and stick to your diet.

    I made programs for free for 2 years...
    I still want to continue helping people but since so many people are asking, it takes so much of my time that I can't afford to do this free anymore and that's why I decided to make this website.

    Why does an hour personal training cost so much?..
    I work for myself. When you pay a personal trainer at your local gym. The personal trainer has to make a living out of it but the gym also needs to profit.

    You don't pay for my time...
    I'm not going to be in the gym with you like a personal trainer. You will have everything you need in your phone and instead we're going to have regular contact.
    “I didn't know if I wanted to build muscle or burn fat in order to get in shape. Rezdar could quickly see what I needed to do, in order to achieve the body that I wanted. The program I achieved wasn't just effective, I also got all the information I needed to continue my training when the program was finished." 
    Gained weight, built muscle, increased in strength and saw definitions in the abs, chest and arms for the first time (College student, USA)
    Trevor McGhee | Instagram: @t_revfitness
    “You had a huge impact on my life, that goes without saying. You changed my life completely. You taught me how to lose weight without starving myself, how to eat properly, feed my body, workout and get leaner! My body has changed, smaller waist, bigger and rounder butt (yeah we girls are obsessed... ) more muscle definition, more pull ups... Anyways, this is all thanks to you!”
    Went from 95kg (209lbs) to 75kg (169lbs) and got to see results from her training for the first time (Travelling student, Argentina) 
    Rayana Boubezari
    “I found Rez's video around the middle of my senior year and I loved his channel for how real it was. Other fitness youtubers sometimes give out false advice or they're straight up assholes. Rezdar and I messaged with each other during nearly my whole transformation and though I had a lot of experience and knew my way around the gym well already, Rezdar was able to help me with motivation when I was struggling. Rezdar cares about his followers and he wants to see them succeed just as much as he wants to see himself succeed.”
    Went doing from 96kg (211lbs) to (169lbs) and got to see his abs for the first time (American football player and college student, USA) 
    Billy Ray
    "Rez provides an unprecedented understanding of nutrition and exercise in a professional and personable manner. He cares about the progress you make and continues to support you throughout your endeavors. After consulting with Rez I was able to kick start an entirely new lifestyle. Without Rez, that lifestyle would have been undoubtedly out of reach. Thank you Rez! For giving me the tools, with coaching and your YouTube videos. I needed to lose that 21kg (47.6lbs). Rez should draw the attention of any athelete looking to improve and reach their goals! Thank you for changing my perspective on life brother!"
    Lost a total of 21kg (46lbs) in weight for the first time and was finally able to get toned (College student, USA)
    Jason Penney | Instagram: @jasonpenney_
    "I thought you had to go on extreme diets with only healthy foods and train multiple hours a day to achieve your dream body. With the right knowledge and the right program I was able to do what I had thought was impossible. Thanks Rezdar!"
    Went from fat to fit in three months and was able to see his abs for the first time. 82kg (180lbs) till 65kg (143lbs). (Full-time worker, Sweden)
    Semih Unlu
    "I went on Rezdar's training program when I wanted to get in shape. After 2 months of following the program properly, I increased in strength, burned fat and built muscle. I continued to use the tools I had received from the program. Without the program I wouldn't have been able to achieve my transformation. I've never trained so intensely! Highly recommend!!
    Completed a transformation from skinny to muscle in just 4 months.  (Influencer with 150,000+ followers, Sweden)
    Daniel Norlin | Instagram: @danielnorlin
    "You were the first one I reached for help because I was confused about all this bulking and cutting. I asked you how to get out of skinny-fat and your consultation got me on the right path!"
    Wanted to start his fitness journey for the first time and with my consultation was able to take a straight path to his goal.
    (3 years transformation, Polen)
    Patrik Jelic | Instagram: @pacolifts
    "I never thought I'd be able to achieve this body. Your information gave me the motivation, knowledge and tools to complete my transformation.I lost 23kg (50lbs)!! From 97kg (213lbs) to 75kg (169lbs)! My fiend couldn't believe that I was the one who was in shape! Big thanks bro!"
    Gick ner 23kg och blev vältränad för första gången! (Student, Sweden)
    Ahmed Ali | Instagram: @mido_757
    "Brother, you have been very honest and inspiring, no bullshit program. This has really been life changing and such a huge help for me. The best coach I've had, you're the best bro!!"
    Went from 110kg (242lbs) to 84kg (185lbs)!! (Sweden)
    Yonatan Abcelom | Instagram: @yonatan_abcelom
    Option 1
    Customized nutrition-
    & training program
    (4 months program)
    Option 2
    Customized nutrition-
    & training program with coaching
    $160 / month
    $87 / month
    (4 months program with coaching)
    "what happens when after i buy?"
    1. Choose Program & Pay
    After you have paid I will send out a form with questions which I will ask you to fill out. The form will help me understand who you are and what program specifically you need in order to achieve your goals.
    2. I Customize Your Program
    When you've filled out the form and sent it back to me I will immediately sit down and start customizing your program. Within 48 hours you'll have everything you need to complete the program.
    3. We Keep Contact
    I will keep track of your progress. Each month I will update your program and apply adjustments when I see fit. We keep contact during the entire period so that all your questions are answered, you stay on track, stay motivated and receive help when you need it.

    (This only applies if you've purchased coaching)
    4. The Program Is Done And You Reach Your Goal!
    Congratulations! If you have come this far, it means you've become the best version of yourself. You also have the knowledge and tools to continue your fitness journey without having to rely on me.

    If you'd me to customize a new program for your new goals you'll be able to do it at a discounted price.
    "Time will pass even regardless 
    if you take the step or don't"
    Do you want to be the best version of yourself in 4 months?
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